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What is Life Coaching About?

I'm often asked, "What is life coaching all about?"

As a life coach, I provide objective, unbiased feedback to my clients. Most of us have friends or family members who are well-meaning and think they know what is best, but those ideas more than likely conflict. Life coaching offers a freeing environment in which clients don't feel

expectations imposed on them.

Coaching clients who are trying too hard, guiding them toward what they would like to be doing and what is most satisfying. People often spend many years pleasing others, doing what they are told to do, or doing what is expected of them by imposed expectations from parents, their boss, or others. But what if you could do what you want to do? The life coach's agenda is the client's, not the other way around.

Another significant issue that a life coach helps clients is to find balance in their busy lives.

Many clients are already successful individuals with careers, families, and responsibilities but are left feeling isolated. Feelings of isolation leave the client wanting someone to provide honest feedback, help to find balance, and set priorities. Finding that work/life balance, creating plans that include building friendships, self-care, and breaking unwanted patterns no longer serving.

The world we live in today is becoming faster, more intense, and more chaotic. People are

turning to life coaches to help sort everything out, prioritize, and make sense of life.

Additional issues that bring a client to seek out a life coach can include:

  • Stress (caused by conflicts both at work and at home)

  • Burnout

  • Time Management

  • Role Conflict

  • Feeling Lack of Control

  • Feeling Guilty

  • Feeling Overwhelmed

  • Feeling Exhausted

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