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Holistic Health

Holistic Wellbeing For All

It's time to find balance in your life. Let me help you find healing within your mind, body, and spirit.

Diane - Owner


Welcome to Awakening with Diane. It's my honor that you found your way to my website.

Life tends to feel overwhelming in today's busy lifestyles, filled with many distractions, multiple to-do lists, and demands on one's schedule. 

I offer a distraction from all the chaos, finding balance, self-care, and reflection moments. 

As a social worker, reiki practitioner, certified life coach, and wellness advocate, I help my clients navigate the seasons of their life that they currently occupy.

By offering needed resources, particle guidance, ideas on balancing schedules, and overall well-being, one can find a Healthy Lifestyle that adds calm within.


IWU - Indian Wesleyan University

BA in Social Work through Indiana Wesleyan University in Indiana 2019

IAP Career College

Certified Life Coach through IAP Career and College in Canada 2021

Reiki Renewal

Reiki Practitioner through Reiki Renewal in Boise, ID 2022


Reiki Healing


Reiki is an ancient form of Energy Healing for stress reduction, relaxation, and promoting physical healing.

Reiki safely and naturally addresses the whole person (body, mind, emotions) and is administered by gently laying the hands on the body in various positions.

Essential Oils

Life Coaching

Coaching focuses on assistance with identifying life goals, guidance with creating steps to reach the goals and having accountability with follow-up sessions aimed at accomplishing steps to reach the goals. 

Meditating on the Beach
DoTerra Essential Oils

Wellness Advocate

Essential oils provide a simple way to alleviate certain physical symptoms, promote emotional well-being, and provide comfort.

Aromatouch Therapy

The Aromatouch Technique is a specialized essential oil intensive service that provides the benefit of carefully planned essential oils gently spread along the spine and then methodically rubbed into the back and feet to cause deep relaxation and relief.


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